Become a Member

The membership process can take awhile so please allot some time to complete the process.


Bring your completed forms and documents to a front desk staff whom will review and issue you a membership card. Once you have your membership card, please have with it you all times to attend workshops, use the resource room and our other services.



If you plan to apply for your Membership Card and attend an Orientation the same day we recommend you complete your Membership application 2 HOURS before Orientation starts.

You will need to be a registered member prior to attending Orientation.

Click on the links to download the Membership Forms

  1. Visit one of our Career Centers
  2. Complete and sign a Membership Application (Fillable PDF)
  3. Register with CalJobs
  4. Create and Print a CalJobs resume (Click for PDF Instructions)
  5. Read, Print and Sign the Job Search Lab Policies
  6. Read, Print and Sign the Customer Suspension Policy Form
  7. Bring in two forms of identification. Must be original documents. Documents to Bring