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  • Do you have experience as a Driver or a Dispatcher? DATE:     Thursday, August 6, 2015 TIME:      10 AM - 3 PM WHERE:  South Metro Career Center                  4389 Imperial Avenue                  San Diego, CA  92113

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  • Have you hear of "Honor a Hero, Hire a Vet? yet? If not, this annual event hosted by the California Employment Development Department is coming up in Sept. 10th 2015 That's right around the corner! "An example of a great vet we hired is ...

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  •   Skimming – that’s what hiring managers are doing when they go through résumés!   There’s no time to read each résumé "word-for-word" when there are hundreds of résumés coming in for that one position. So, they skim for key information. In fact, ...

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